Advanced Conversational Hypnosis

Advanced Conversational Hypnosis

Why I use Advanced Conversational Hypnosis over conventional Hypnosis :

Firstly its so powerful, with out standing rapid results. I start each session with therapy allowing any knots, baggage and resistance to be released , allowing clients to have the breakthrough required before hypnosis and then enter into hypnosis with a fresh canvas, enabling the Aha moment to come through. 

This hypnosis is stronger and deeper than conventional hypnosis, it is quicker and no need for clients to listen to audios for a set period of time, although the transformation is still felt and impacted after your session.

I can be seen on Scott Jansen’s Advanced Hypnosis Training on you tube, I had a phenomenal session from Scott to fix my Long Covid whilst training with him,  as I was struggling to walk far as my breathing was affected, the transformation has healed my breathing back to normal pre Covid. 

It is truly life changing.