My Price plan is not fixed it is adapted to my client’s individual’s healing journey. I will only recommend what I feel beneficial for you to gain results. 

In our fast-paced world no-one has the time to go through weeks, months or even years of therapy therefore I have adapted packages to suit my client’s timeline. No one size fits all, I work towards giving my clients results only.

I recommend a minimum of three session (one package) of The Solution Focused Package, Brain Spotting or Hypnosis as we unwrap the symptoms and layers to get to the root cause.

 The Anxiety package will be weekly sessions .

 If I am using Hypnosis or Solution Focused Therapy, you will be given a recording from each session which is yours to keep and listen to as this is required for a minimum of 21 days.

Before each session I can send you a recording to listen to for relaxation purposes in case your nervous and to get your mind used to listening to my voice, this is also included in the package.

I am happy to send my prices over to you upon request