About me

About me

Tracy Lewis - Holistic Therapist

Hi, welcome to my website.

Firstly, I would like to say I love what I do and feel honoured to play a part in my client’s journeys. I founded Best Version of you therapy because I wanted to transform lives using the most powerful modalities, I have been trained in to achieve outstanding results within the mind and body.

I became a therapist as I have experienced trauma myself and knew there was a gap in how I was treated, they were just addressing the symptom and not me as a whole person. And with long waitlists and not enough sessions this can be worse than the symptom or trauma itself.

One can only understand each modality if it is tried and tested and have experienced a breakthrough. I can guarantee I have tried all the modalities I offer and have gained phenomenal breakthroughs.

Through my personal experience I am now able to deliver various holistic techniques which I tailor to individual needs.

Just imagine how good your life will be without masking your pain with Addictions, and without the crippling Anxiety, Stress, and negative beliefs.

For many years I have been helping clients transform into the best version of themselves. My aim is to support you whilst you shift your mindset, expand your vision, change your actions and for our journey together to be the last piece of the puzzle.

Trauma lives in the body not the mind it is a physical issue with an emotional response.